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looking for a babysitter in your area? 

For Families:

Southern Grace Nannies, LLC is offering a new service to families. We now have a babysitter subscription list for select cities. As we grow, we anticipate the cities to grow as well. Throughout the year, at any point that the list gets updated, you will receive via email the updated list.


What does the list include? The list will include the nannies:
·      Name
·      Age
·      Phone Number
·      Ages they are comfortable with
·      Availability
·      Resume


What is the cost?
- A 1-time yearly fee for families is $50
- Your subscription to the list is good for 12 months from the date that it is emailed to you
- $20 for each additional list (if you were traveling to a city for vacation/trip and wanted access to sitters in that area or if you spend time in multiple cities)  

See what cities we offer the subscription lists in — Our Babysitter Locations.

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