nanny testimonials

Growing up, I always dreamed about living in New York City, but I never knew how to make that dream come true. When I found Southern Grace Nannies, I knew I had to apply. Southern Grace Nannies provided me with the greatest life experience. Throughout my time as a nanny, I fell in love with the most amazing family, made new life-long friends, and had the opportunity to live somewhere I may not have had the chance to otherwise. The family I was paired with immediately became a second family to me and I felt so loved and valued while working for them. I enjoyed the summer with my family so much that I came back for another one the next year. If I could nanny for them every summer I would! The two boys I nannied have such a special place in my heart and I know that I will always have a second family in New York City. Not only was the family fantastic, the new friendships I created enhanced the experience all the more. While working in New York City, I was able to meet up with other nannies through Southern Grace and we explored the city, ate at amazing restaurants, and shopped together. During my time on Nantucket, I became friends with many different people that I met around town and through working. The opportunity to nanny for such an amazing family, make great connections, and live in New York City and on Nantucket was an experience that I will cherish forever. My advice to anyone thinking about being a nanny for Southern Grace Nannies is to do it! The process my seem scary, but Madison and the families make it such an easy, comfortable, and incredible experience. 


Allyson Patton

Before hearing about Southern Grace Nannies, LLC, I never could have imagined that I would have the opportunity to do what I love while living in my dream city. This unique program provided me with so many special experiences and taught me so much. Exploring many new places and meeting so many amazing people made for the most exciting summer.  I could not have asked Southern Grace Nannies, LLC to match me with a better family. They immediately welcomed me into their lives and made me feel right at home. The three children I cared for made a huge impact on me, and I will never forget their smiling faces. I loved watching the kids learn and grow so quickly over the course of my stay. I know I have made a lifelong connection with my New York family, and I am so grateful that Southern Grace Nannies, LLC made this whole experience possible. 

 Anna Faulkner 

Moving to New York from Austin, Texas post graduation in 2016 to be a nanny was something I never saw coming. When I had heard of this opportunity to live in New York and to be a part of a family and their children’s lives, I knew that it was meant to be my next adventure. Being a nanny was always something I thought I would enjoy, because of my love for kids, but being a nanny in New York was especially appealing and exciting in many ways. As a recent graduate with a BFA in Dance Performance, I knew New York was where I wanted to embark on this next chapter of my life. Since living here I have not only had the pleasure of helping care for three adorable children, but I have been able to connect with others, grow, and pursue dreams in my career as an artist. To move somewhere new and be a part of a family helped make New York feel like home more quickly and I feel blessed to have met so many wonderful new friends from all around who I know will provide lasting friendships for years to come.

This experience as a whole was not only just a financially stable way to move to this often overwhelming and expensive city, but it was the most welcoming and fulfilling. I truly recommend this opportunity to anyone who is seeking adventure, an experience filled with purpose, or to be loved by the hearts of these little children in New York. I promise it will change you in incredible ways. 

Mariana Spósito