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meet the founder: madison blackford

Thank you for your interest in Southern Grace Nannies, LLC! I’m Madison Blackford from Monroe, Louisiana. My southern roots are deep in my heart and have defined who I am today.


For as long as I can remember my two favorite things were children and helping others. I began babysitting around the age of 12 and it quickly became part of my everyday life. Some would say I was a natural and it was rare to see me without kids in tow. If I wasn’t babysitting for a family, I was finding a friend to babysit for them and quickly became the coordinator of lots of date-night coverage. While at Louisiana State University, I still matched sitters and families back home while I babysat for a growing collection of families in Baton Rouge. I studied Early Childhood Education including time in Italy learning about the Reggio Emilia method. Studying for my degree confirmed my passion for helping children. I’ve yet to find something more fulfilling than seeing the world through children’s eyes and watching them grow and learn. 


I came to New York City through a small agency that placed southern girls with families in and around New York. When that agency decided to wind down, the opportunity arose for me to start my own. With the incredible help, guidance and patience (and blessing) of that visionary, I founded Southern Grace Nannies, LLC and I’m so glad you found us. Southern Grace Nannies, LLC is a dream come true and I’m doing what I love - helping children and helping others. How lucky I am!


I would love to speak with you about finding the perfect live-in nanny for your precious family. And thank you for coming to check us out! 

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