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how it works

If you are interested in finding a trustworthy, reliable live-in nanny with exceptional experience you have come to the right place! Here is how it works:



  • We will email your family a questionnaire to complete.

  • Once receiving the questionnaire, we will reach out to your references, and then schedule a personal phone consultation.


  • We start the matching process!


  • You will receive several Candidate Packages of potential nannies. Candidate Packages include resumes, photos, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and application questionnaires. We also provide notes based on extensive interviews with the candidates and their references. 


  • You interview your top choices; often people do these initial interviews via Phone Call or FaceTime if the candidates are not local.


  • You have the option of flying your first - and second - choice candidate up for a trial weekend. Travel arrangements and associated fees and costs are the responsibility of the hiring family.


  • You choose your Southern Grace nanny and we help finalize a contract between you and the candidate.


  • We collect our placement fee only after the contract is signed by both parties.



  • You will make travel arrangements for your nanny to come to you on the designated start date as well as their designated departure date.

  • We will check in periodically with you and your nanny and are available for any questions or concerns. 

  • We are here to help and want to make sure both parties are always happy.

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